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CXO Recommendations for Onboarding a New Hire

Research shows that companies can lose as many as 15 percent of new hires in the period between offer acceptance and start date. Want to make sure that your new hire smoothly transitions from offer acceptance to start date? Here are a few best practices to consider.

  • To start, follow best practices for extending an offer. The goal is "multiple yeses." We want the candidate to accept an offer verbally and then via email prior to signing off on a formal offer letter. This process generates huge buy-in.
  • Make sure there is a direct line of communication between the hiring manager and the candidate. The relationship needs to focus on honest, open communication during the final steps of the offer process. This leads to a solid relational basis for any questions or concerns prior to the start date
  • Watch very closely for any red flags. Here are a few:
    • The candidate continues to bring up a lot of additional questions about the offer.
    • The candidate is not returning phone calls or emails for an extended period of time.
    • The candidate unexpectedly asks for an extended start date.
    • The candidate is not complying with requests for information or documentation.
  • If there are any red flags or you feel as though a candidate may be gearing up to decline an opportunity, even after the offer has been signed, be proactive and aim for transparency. If there is any hesitation, gently and immediately confront the candidate and inform him/her the hiring hiring manager is available to personally address any questions or issues.
  • Find out exactly when the candidate is "giving notice" to his current employer. Be sure to be in contact with the candidate via phone (preferably) or via email the day before or on the day of resignation. Here is a blog you can provide to the candidate with tips for resigning gracefully:
  • If there is an opportunity, help prepare the candidate for the possibility of a counter-offer. Here is a blog you can provide to the candidate that details reasons why accepting a counter-offer is not always the best idea:
  • Schedule multiple meetings or discussions between the offer acceptance and the start date. Grab lunch or coffee. Have a different team member take the new hire to lunch. Invite him/her to a happy hour. Make sure there are multiple in-person touch points during this critical period.
  • Give the new hire some homework. Have him/her review the marketing plan or organizational chart. Even consider having him/her put together a 90 day success plan. The goal is continued buy-in, not generating unbillable work.

As a hiring manager, finding the perfect candidate is tough enough, which is why once an offer has been made and accepted, it’s all the more important to ensure that the onboarding process is seamless. Follow the steps above as best practices for a smooth transition from offer acceptance to start date.

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