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In your company, who is responsible for making absolutely certain that the organization focuses on the proper user experience at each and every point of communication with both internal and external audiences? Who is responsible for managing all procedures, means, and measures necessary to understand users and decipher that understanding into successful rules of engagement with clients, employees, partners, and other stakeholders?

Welcome CXO to the C-suite

Some of the best brands in the world got that way by focusing on what their customers need and want, then designing their businesses to deliver just that. Apple’s sales/square foot numbers are generally ten times the retail industry norm. Build-a-Bear Workshop turned "shopping into building" and "customers into employees" with their teddy bear factory concept. Geek Squad is now winning favor by practively responding to customers’ Tweets about products that don’t perform.

These innovations are possible because the companies are structured for customer relevance on purpose and by design. The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the role that makes the vision, the change, and the continuous improvement that follows possible.

Who is accountable for the customer experience at your company?

The CXO's role

The Chief Experience Officer is responsible making certain that the organization focuses the right amount of resources on the right customer touchpoints to get the best lift in customer referrals and profitability. By balancing the front line with the bottom line, the CXO helps the company increase its EBITDA and valuation by providing a path to differentiate the company from its competition. CXOs turn up the volume on the voice of the customer inside the company and coordinate multiple departments to create different and better experience that customers notice--then tell their friends about. The CXO position is well established at many retail, hotel, travel, entertainment, healthcare, and professional services companies.  About 60% of CXOs are in B2C companies, the other 40% are working at B2B companies.


The on-demand CXO

Enterprise brands like Apple, Disney, and Zappos understand the significance customer experience means to their bottom lines and their cultures.  At CXO Staffing, we believe mid-market and emerging market companies deserve access to the same kind of talent. If you are feeling the pinch of commoditization in your business and want to see how a new approach might help you, we can supply you with a partial Chief Experience Officer with expertise in your industry. Our on-demand ‘insourcing’ model gets you access to part-time talent with an "I’m-there-full-time" attitude to help shape your customer experience strategy. Your benefits from working with us include:

  • Access to the best-of-the-best talent
  • Not having to invest in a full-time resource when a partial expert will be sufficient
  • Not having to pay for benefits
  • Reduced risk vs. a full-time hire not working out
  • Personally and professionally committed talent that can quickly adapt to your business and culture
"Nothing is more critical to your company’s success than the ability to deliver superior customer experiences – time after time. Those experiences don’t just happen. They come about when enlightened companies, seeking a sustainable competitive advantage, decide that they will engineer every facet of their business to align with their customers’ reasons for buying. When your customers turn into enthusiastic advocates, drawing on their own experiences to tell your story to others, you enter the ranks of some of the world’s most enviable brands." 

                                                                           Mike Wittenstein
                                                                           The Authority on Customer Experience

On-demand CXO solution

Much like how Tatum and AcuityCFO have redefined how financial services are delivered to small and mid-market companies, CXO understands that the majority of organizations don't need a full-time Chief Experience Officer. Our part-time CXO staffing and customer experience consulting experts meet the needs of smaller emerging growth and mid-market companies that do not justify a full-time resource, but also enjoy the benefit from part-time access to a high-level Chief Experience Officer working closely with the management team and internal resources. Our starter packages begin at 2 days per month. Contact us today to learn more!

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