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Purpose at work

I had lunch with my good friend and mentor John Richie recently. We talked about purpose. He said specifically, “You don’t find your purpose at work. You bring your purpose to work.” His statement was simple, yet powerful. I have the privilege and opportunity to interview people between 20-30 hours per week. There’s so much striving and angst about finding purpose at work and being fulfilled. It makes sense, as the average person will spend about 70,000 hours at work during a lifetime. On the other hand, if you follow John’s advice and bring your purpose to work, then it creates and entirely different mindset. How might we bring our purpose to work?


I had an opportunity to develop my life purpose statement when I participated in a Radical Mentoring group back in 2010. Here it is:

  • I, Mark Butler, exist to glorify God through love, service, and surrender of self to be a light for Christ in my family, community, and world.


Again, how can I bring my purpose to work? For me, it’s all about loving and encouraging others. It’s always asking the question, “how can I help?” Purpose for me is trying to be more like Jesus in every interaction. Gentle and humble in heart and following the golden rule. I also want to make sure that my work is done with excellence and with a great attitude.

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