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Grow or die? Not CXO, not here, not now, not ever. Do you need to add 25 people to your development team? Call Matrix. Do you need to build out a 50 person call center? Call TEKSystems. Do you need to make a critical executive hire or add a key team member for a sales, marketing, or technology position - then call CXO. CXO is a boutique organization focused on fewer clients, less dancing, and more truth.

As Jerry Maguire said best, "Who's coming with me?"


The Jerry Maguire Manifesto

But as I sit here in the darkness of this hotel I room, the answer to the future is rather obvious. If the tapdancing becomes less constant, less furious, less necessary, what will the result be? The result will be more honesty, more focus, fewer clients, but eventually the revenues will be the same. Because the new day of honesty will create a machine more personalized, more truthful, and the client that wasn’t (expletive) this year, has a greater chance of greatness next year.

And now we get to the answer that Dicky Fox knew years ago. The answer is fewer clients. Less dancing. More truth. We must crack open the tightly clenched fist of commerce and give a little back for the greater good. Eventually revenues will be the same, and that goodness will be infectious. We will have taken our number oneness and turned it into something greater. And eventually smaller will become bigger, in every way, and especially in our hearts.

Forget the dance.


Love the job. Be the job.

Recent CXO Case Study

At CXO, we believe that fewer clients plus less dancing plus more truth equals better results. CXO recently completed a retained search for a marketing executive for a local Atlanta technology company. To provide an overview of the personalized service and CXO's desire to go "above and beyond" to exceed client expectations, please see an overview of the search statistics detailed below: 

  • 317 total prospects identified
  • 112 candidates screened
  • 37 candidates formally interviewed
  • 6 candidates formally presented to client for interviews
  • 2 candidates presented for 2nd and 3rd round interviews
  • 1 candidate selected for position - CXO negotiated offer on behalf of client for a true win/win for all parties involved.

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