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Have you ever hired a candidate that was technically qualified, interviewed well, and had a standout resume, but the person’s work style didn’t ‘fit’ with the position and/or company culture?

CXO Employment Assessment Benefits

Candidate assessments have been a long standing tool for hiring. Through a series of questions, an employee assessment can reveal how a candidate measures up on the non-technical aspects of the position (e.g. are they goal-oriented, are they organized, are they collaborative in nature?). Candidate assessments can identify the gaps between the employee’s work style and job requirements, which in turn reduces turnover and saves money. Understanding the non-technical skill sets of a candidate provides the hiring manager with support to make an informed decision. And, if the candidate is hired, an employee assessment is a valuable investment in the future of the employee and manager. An employee assessment can give a hiring manager insight into the candidate’s upward mobility and career path potentials. It will also inform managers on how to most effectively coach the employee, which will result in retention.

CXO Employment Assessment Survey Results

Recently, CXO sent a survey to 200+ human resource executives and business owners in the Atlanta area asking them which employee assessment tool was their favorite. The Birkman and DISC method were the most popular assessment tools, and each received 14% of the recommendations. One respondent stated that the DISC method was their favorite because “It's simple and very revealing.” Another respondent favored the Birkman Method because it identifies motivators. The next most popular assessment tools were StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs , and the Judgment Index with 10% of respondents recommending each of these methods. One respondent mentioned that they use the StrengthsFinder assessment for executive level placements, while another respondent uses the StrengthsFinder for team building. Several other assessments were recommended, including but not limited to Top Grading, Adjective Checklist, Wonderlic, and one of CXO’s favorite responses, "arm wrestling."

CXO Employment Assessment Recommendations

Finally, we recognize that most job descriptions are unique, and will require a unique candidate for the job. To date, there are dozens of employee assessment tools on the market. The good news is that many of these assessments are completely customizable based on your specific needs. Regardless of your favorite choice of an employee assessment tool, CXO recommends that you add some form of a non-technical assessment to your hiring protocol, as the benefits are numerous and the return on the investment is likely to be great.

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