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Welcome to the CXO Staffing blog! This first blog has three objectives: introduce CXO Staffing, explain why we decided to blog and describe what we intend to blog about. CXO Staffing, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Sara and Mark Butler. The launch of the blog is paralleled by the launch of Our website has an abundant amount of information, including bios, company mission and values, how to contact CXO, what services we provide, and much more. If you haven’t already done so, we would encourage you to take a moment to navigate through In short, CXO Staffing was created to provide IT staffing and recruitment services through relationships.

Why Blog?

CXO is compelled to blog for a couple of reasons. First, it’s personal. We want to be a relationally grounded company. One of the best IT infrastructures for communication and relational growth is the blogosphere. Second, we hope to inform our valued candidates and clients about up-to-date IT Staffing and Recruiting practices, reports, and the like (without clogging your inbox). We want to inform you and thereby enable you to thrive.

what to Expect

CXOblog will be focused on IT Staffing, Recruiting Best Practices, and Career Development. Below are a few examples of CXOblog topics we hope to address:

• CXO company releases, news, events, award recognitions
• National and Local IT, Staffing, Recruiting and Employment reports
• Interviews
• Questions, Feedback, Ideas
• How-to for candidates and clients


Educational approach

We believe that the CXOblog will provide opportunity for relational growth. We hope that you will learn more about CXO, we will learn more about your needs, and in the end, we will be able to be part of your story.

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