Pay It Forward

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CXO Charity

CXO Staffing is both a fiscal and temporal steward. Our company is steadfast in giving and our team is dedicated to serving our community and those in need.

We are intentional with our actions so that we can be a % giving company and service hour-logging team. However, CXO charity doesn’t end there. We are obedient to the call to help others in need by paying it forward.

CXO Fiscal Contributions

At CXO, we take a % off the top of every dollar that comes through the door ("first fruits").
We believe that helping others in need helps us to be humble, selfless, and grateful. A few key recipients of our donations include Giving101 (, Medshare (, and Compassion International (

CXO Community Service

At CXO, we believe discipline gets you to where you want to be or who you want to be in life. That’s why we’re intentional and committed to serving our community on a regular basis. Several of the organizations that we donated our time included Meals On Wheels (, Project Open Hand (, and Kidstuf at Buckhead Church (


Pay It Forward Atlanta

In 2009, CXO founded "Pay It Forward Atlanta," an organization dedicated to serving the Atlanta community via random acts of kindness and generosity. With over 400 members, the group is creating an social and economic ripple effect throughout Atlanta. You can learn additional information about the group at


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